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Screen Sizes for Printing on Fabric
Small: Max Art Size: 7x10
Medium: Max Art Size: 12x14
Large: Max Art Size: 16x24

Screen Sizes for Printing on Paper
Small: Max Art Size: 8x11
Medium: Max Art Size: 12x16
Large: Max Art Size: 16x20
Extra Large: Max Art Size: 16x24

Transparency Fee
8.5x11: $1.00 | 11x17: $2.00
Use INDOX for poster transparencies.

Digital Service Fee
Scanning: 8.5x11: $5.00
Fix-It Fee for Files: $5.00
We are happy to help with your files,
but we will not be responsible for trapping.

Ink Fee
$1.00 per ounce
We will weigh the jar before and after to charge you accurately.

Visit our { resources page } for a listing of where we get our supplies.

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open studio policies

Eligibility to Use Open Studio: completed the { beginning ink } or { private lesson } workshop or if you've taken a full screenprinting workshop at another location you may take a short course to become certified to use open studio. { more details }

Open studio is a time to come in and experiment, practice and try anything you want. We are here to offer advice on your project - but we do encourage you to figure out some of the logistics. You are also more than welcome to print something for a friend - but you are the one who will be printing.

PLEASE NOTE: You do need to bring your own materials you are printing on as we do not carry paper or fabric supplies. We do have inks you can use for a fee { see left column } but mixing is not allowed. Our { resources page } lists many of the places we get supplies from.

Open Studio Rates { $10/hour }

We are no longer charging to prep screens as we have a drying booth where it takes about 15 minutes for screens to dry. Which means you can coat up as many screens as you want during your open studio that is now included in the hourly rate. We're happy to help out with coating since most of you only saw a demonstration during the workshop. The fee also helps offset some costs associated with open studio participants. From helping printing files onto transparencies, trouble-shooting printing issues to some of the materials we provide such as tape, water, etc.

For those of you that are using the studio frequently, you can also buy a punch card for a reduced cost. Ask for details at the shop.

Charges will begin at your starting scheduled time, so please be on time.
We'll settle up your tab { ink, transparencies, etc. } once you're finished.
We do accept all credit cards, cash or checks.

How to Sign-Up: this is not a drop in situation as we frequently run private workshops. Please call or email to schedule a time in advance to come in and use the space.

We are generally here 8am-5pm on weekdays and some evenings. Weekends are a mix depending on scheduled workshops. It basically comes down to - if we're here - we're happy to have you come in and print.

Studio (303) 321-7101 or { }

Image Print Guidelines: we are doing our best to uphold legal rights for all artists. Meaning we want to educate everyone { ourselves included } to best practices when creating art.

In a very simplified explantion: you are not allowed to take another artists image {photo, illustration, design, painting, etc.} and make a screenprint from it unless you have the permission from the original artist. Examples include logos from your favorite sports teams, illustrations you find on Etsy, photos from the internet, etc.

Our policy was informed by the following: { 01 } { 2 } { 3 } { 4 }

We will do our best to be fair to all as there are some instances that you can "borrow" an image for a parody or fan art or educational purposes. And for personal use we will be lenient, but if it is for something you are selling you will need permission or use your own art. Ultimately we reserve the right to refuse service.

303-321-7101, 1512 S Acoma Street, Denver, CO 80223 quenching that dry mouth creative thirst kinda feeling
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