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Inspiration { those who rock}

American Poster Institute { website }
Gig Posters { website }

The Decoder Ring { website }
The Bird Machine / Jay Ryan { website }
Diana Sudyka { website }
Swamp / Lyndsey Kuhn { website }
Jay Vollmar { website }
Travis Bone / Fur Turtle { website }

Sure we might be biased as we know some of these people - but dang they do nice work.

Speedball Workbook { download PDF }

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Local T-Shirt Screenprinters

A Small Print Shop { website }
Indy Ink { website }

All these folks are talented and will treat you right.

come and print it.

Links below are the resources we use to make what we do. And the great thing - everything is environmentally friendly. We don't recommend you licking most of it - but you could.

Let us know if you have any additions or other items you're curious about.

Local to Denver { rock star sceen supply } { meininger's }
RockStar is located off I-70 and Havana. Meininger's is located south of downtown at 5th and Broadway and good for getting Speedball supplies including inks.

Screens { rock star sceen supply } { valley litho } { msj gallery }
We use both wooden and aluminum screens with various mesh count - the higher the count the finer the detail. You can order custom sizes and aluminum frames are only a few $ more.

Screen Re-Meshing { rock star sceen supply }
If you need screens remeshed, RockStar is the place to go in Denver.
They are located off I-70 and Havana: (303) 375-7777

Squeegees { rock star sceen supply } { valley litho } { midwest sign }

Scoop Coaters { rock star sceen supply } { valley litho } { midwest sign }

Paper Feeding Guides { northwest graphic supply }
Paper feed guides can be tough to locate...

Clamps { meininger's } { rock star sceen supply }
They should have in stock - give a call first.

Photo Emulsion { valley litho }
We use Ulano 925WR, as it was recommended by folks who have tested just about everything out there. And we have great success with it.

Screen Reclaiming { valley litho }
To reclaim your screens you will need Stencil Remover #4 which works great.

Inks { valley litho } { jerry's artarama } { meininger's }
We only use Speedball inks as they are all water based.

Paper { french paper }
You can use most any uncoated paper - but we only use French Paper as they have a huge selection and you can order direct.

Masking Tape
We buy 2" wide tape which is available at most hardware stores - Lowes or Home Depot.

Transparencies { film source }
We buy inexpensive 11x17 transparencies from Film Source.

Transparency Printing { indox }
For larger prints where we don't want to tile pages together, we send files to { indox }.
Build your blacks at C50/M60/Y70/K100 for a dense output.

Power Washer
If you're getting serious - buy a power washer.

Free Image Libraries
{ French Paper } and { The British Library } are 2 good sites where you can download free images to screenprint.

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