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We took a beginning class last year when we traveled to London. Partially for fun - but we also picked up some new tips and ways of doing things that we found pretty handy.


For those of you who have completed a screenprinting workshop at another location (TOSA, London Print Club, Squeegeeville, university program, etc.) we now offer a short 2-hour course to get you familiar with our process. We have some simple questions where your answers will let us know if you qualify for taking the short course instead of the full { beginning ink } workshop. But once completed you'll be certified to use open studio.

Time: 2 hours | Cost: $50.00

Project: you'll do a 2-color print on ten 10x13 sheets of paper so you get the chance to go though our process using our resources (washout booth, exposure unit, etc.) and learn how we do registration. For many this may be slightly different, for others it may be very familiar. All in all, you will walk away with some new tips and a studio to come back and print your own projects.

What to Bring: digital files or art that is separated and ready to print.

How to Register: please call or email to discuss if this option is right for you. We'll then set up a date and time, and then you can come back and use the following paypal link to formally register for the workshop.

Studio (303) 321-7101 or { }

That's about it. Just give us a call or email to discuss and we'll see about getting you into the schedule and the studio.

303-321-7101, 1512 S Acoma Street, Denver, CO 80223 quenching that dry mouth creative thirst kinda feeling
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