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how do we define success?

Success is partnering with clients who truly respect their customers and the world we all live in.

We haven?t discarded the traditional ideas of success, but we do have better results when working with clients who have similar philosophies. Clients who educate their customers instead of dumbing things down. Clients willing to have conversations about how to reduce the environmental impact of the materials they produce. Clients willing to collaborate on ideas and not bark out orders because some blog said ?it? was a good idea.

Simply put we?re seeking clients who respect the customers they serve and our process, and are willing to collaborate to discover a combined success.

We Take Care of Mom

Which is why it is our responsibility to work with clients to create solutions that reduce our impact on the environment. Treading lightly on this earth takes teamwork in the business world and we ask our clients to engage in the conversation.

It?s more than printing on recycled paper and using soy inks, but thinking about alternative methods to get your message to your audience, while still having the most impact. We take steps beyond making sure our printers are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, to looking at each project?s function from beginning to end. Can it be designed smaller, with less material, with more recycled material, be re-used, be multi-functional or is it needed at all?

Don?t worry, we ask a lot of questions but provide lots of solutions as well.

We?ve asked ourselves the tough questions too and answered by carpooling, recycling, reducing, shopping locally and pledging to reduce our carbon footprint. We?ll keep asking questions too, as we?re committed to creating a positive environmental and social impact, and we know there are lots of different answers.

Print Your Own Cash

Something else that makes Ink Lounge Creative unique in the design industry we don?t mark up printing. In fact, we don?t mark up any third party contract work including materials, installation, courier fees, web hosting, etc...

Why you ask?

We?ve never felt it fair to charge clients for something that we didn?t actually do. We will charge you for our time at a press check, or coordinating installations, but as long as you?re willing to cut one extra check all costs become transparent and you only pay us for the work we do.

303-321-7101, 1512 S Acoma Street, Denver, CO 80223 quenching that dry mouth creative thirst kinda feeling
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