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we're married to print.

And actually to each other too.

Nicky Alden: Conscious Creative

She is a graphic designer who is curious about almost everything, to the point she might actually be considered obsessively nosy. She loves cupcakes, puppies, gardening, running { 3-5Ks, marathons - even a triathlon } and copywriting for clients. Her pedigree includes Creative Director at Bonfils Blood Center for 8 years and designing in the creative department at Chipotle.

Stu Alden: Creative Cowboy

He often thinks he can do anything, to the point he's a pain in the butt at times. He's traveled to 48 states and 6 continents, rebuilt a 1966 Plymouth and does photography. He started Idaho Stew in 2003 to create a place where he could do all the things he never got to do working for others, which is how Ink Lounge got started. His pedigree includes a slew of places including Vermilion and Factory.

Both have taught design at various university programs, served several terms and positions on the AIGA Colorado Board of Directors { Education, Events, Partnership, Vice-President, President, etc. } and whenever possible travel the world.

{ taken 6 months after we started dating, 3 days before we got engaged, 10 months before we got married and 2.5 years before we started Ink Lounge

303-321-7101, 1512 S Acoma Street, Denver, CO 80223 quenching that dry mouth creative thirst kinda feeling
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