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Ink Lounge offers limited commercial printing services on paper since we have the experience to screenprint super fine prints. From simple 1-color to multiple colors - we like the challenge. If you're in need of T-shirts, please see links at bottom of page. For odd projects just give us a call.

Read on to see if we're what you're looking for...

{ Paper } We do not stock paper in-house, instead order for specific projects. You are more than welcome to supply your own paper for the project, but give us a call before you purchase to discuss what we'll need. We traditionally use { French Paper } as they are environmentally friendly, have many color options and you can buy direct in small quantities.

{ Inks } We only use water base ink to be nice to the environment. But we have a fine selection and will do some mixing and have you approve before printing begins.

{ Art/Files } We do need to review and approve files before accepting project as there are some designs that are not suitable for screenprinting. If you're just getting started with the project we do have some guidelines that will help. And with 40+ years of combined design experience, we're here to offer advice on how to make it work for screenprinting or recommend a better printing process.

{ Cost } Pricing, just like your project, is a bit unique and will vary on some of the following: size of art, amount of ink coverage, number of colors, type of paper, do you need help finalizing files, etc. But we can usually work up an estimate pretty quick to give you some idea of costs associated with your project.

{ Deadlines } We'll do our best to meet your deadline and usually we can turn most projects around in about a week. Often depends on our schedule, but we're also fairly flexible.

{ Quantities } Since we pull by hand this is an area up for discussion. 50-200 posters - no problem. 500-1000 flyers - we would need to chat. We'll be honest and up front about what we can accomplish in a given amount of time.

{ Expectations } Screenprinting by nature has some charm. Meaning that when pulling by hand, there will be times that a line isn't super crisp or registration may be off a hair. Or a random dot of ink ends up somewhere unexpected. Not to say we don't pay attention to all the details and do our best to provide quality prints. But being able see that someone made it by hand is truly part of what makes screenprinting unique. So if you are expecting 100% perfection in all aspects - we do recommend you go to digital or offset printing. Or stop by to see some examples so you have a good understanding of what "charm" looks like. It's actually better than we make it out to be.

Visit our { Etsy Shop } to see some examples of our work. Or give us a call or email to chat about your project and see if we can help you out. { }

Additional Services:

{ Exposing Screens } Costs vary on this due to several factors: size of screens, need old emulsion removed, ink caked on from a project 8 years ago... There are some circumstances that screens are not in good enough condition to be reused, but you can also get them rescreened at { RockStar Screen Supply }. Generally we can provide in 48 hours.

{ T-Shirt Printing } Visit our good friends at: { A Small Print Shop } or { Indy Ink }

{ Learn to Print } Take a { workshop } to become eligible for open studio.

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303-321-7101, 1512 S Acoma Street, Denver, CO 80223

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