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kids making t-shirts }

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get ink on your shirt.

Date: Saturday, June 9
Time: 10:00am-noon
Cost: $20.00 { does not include T-shirts }
Class Size: 8-10 kids
Age: 5-14 years is recommended, but not set in stone
MAP LINK: 1512 S Acoma Street, Denver, CO 80223

Bring the kids over for a unique way to make t-shirts. They get to spend about 30-45 minutes drawing whatever they want, we'll expose a screen for them while they do a test pull to get the hang of it. Then they get to print a t-shirt(s) with their own drawing. They can bring up to 3 T-shirts (or hoodies, skirts, etc.) to print on. We'll also do a few on paper for them to hang on the fridge.

Here's a { peek } at our test workshop we did with our nieces

As registration is limited to 8-10 kids per session, this is first come, first serve. Once we receive an email confirming your payment, we'll send out more details about the workshop.

Sorry - registration is full. We'll add another soon :)

Cancellations less than a week prior may be credited towards a future workshop or items for sale.

Give us a call if you have any questions. (303) 321-7101
Nicky and Stu

303-321-7101, 1512 S Acoma Street, Denver, CO 80223 quenching that dry mouth creative thirst kinda feeling
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