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Open studio is only for people who have taken a full-day workshop. The reasons:
{ people teach various methods }
{ our setup will be unique }

Which results in people being unfamiliar and need a fair amount of assitance. And where we are happy to answer questions, open studio is not for people to learn our system.

We do not make exceptions.

Screen Coating Costs

Small Screens (6x8 art): $5.00
Medium Screens (10x16 art): $8.00
Big Screens (18x24 art): $15.00

Transparency Costs

8.5x11: $1.00
11x17: $2.00

Use INDOX for poster transparencies.

We'll settle up once you get here. Cash, check, credit or if you have a paypal account.

Screens and Supplies

{ adobe } keeps us out of trouble }

(303) 321-7101

We started open studio as a place for workshop participants to come in and continue to experiement.

Please don't forget, this is not a drop-in situation and you must schedule a time to come in and use the space. Calling (email is fine too) allows 2 things: check availability and a minimum of 24 hours to coat screens.

Requirements: particiapted in a full day Ink Lounge workshop - and - we highly recommend you bring a helper if you are printing anything larger than 8x10.

Friendly Reminder: this time is for you to work on your projects, not teaching a friend the process so they can print. You are more than welcome to print something for a friend - but you are the one who will be printing.

Free: workbenches, exposure unit, power washer, 2 iMacs with CS4, scanner
Bring: paper or fabric to print on + transparencies + ink
Costs: coating screens + transparencies { no longer supplying ink }

We are generally here 8am-5pm on weekdays. Weekends are a mix depending on workshops we have available. Occasionally we are here after 5pm.

So it basically comes down to - if we're here - we're happy to have you come in and print. But there will be times that we are both out at client meetings.

So give us a call or { email } to talk about scheduling a time or need to chat about a project. (303) 321-7101

Nicky + Stu

303-321-7101, 1512 S Acoma Street, Denver, CO 80223 quenching that dry mouth creative thirst kinda feeling
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